Shaanxi Sub bamboo Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Sub bamboo Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in December 2003, located in Xian High-tech Industrial Development Zone No. 72 all the way Kam industry (Shaanxi male RF connector China production base for exports). Mainly in the electronic manufacturing services and electronic product development, design, testing and manufacturing services. Is in production, sales and service as one of the electronic processing enterprises, professional PCB manufacturer. Plant a total area of 6500m2, and with a staff dormitory (air-conditioned, WIFI, full cleaning).
The company currently employs more than 210 people, including professional and technical personnel more than 30 people, most of them scientific and technical personnel from the military industrial enterprises and research institutes, with strong R & D capability and quality awareness. Seven functional departments of the company under the integrated management, manufacturing department, technical quality, marketing, trade, finance, research and development services.
September 2011 the company passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and GJB9001B: 2009 military standard quality system certification, and won the “national AAA level quality trustworthy enterprise” and “national market quality standards customer satisfaction Double Excellence units” ” three confidential qualification units “and” Credible “honorary title.
The company has 17 production lines (SMT production line 5: Panasonic 3, JUKI 2 Article 6 welding assembly line, automatic differential chain assembly line 1, line 3 connector, wiring harness production 2), a total of more than 600 station, the production capacity: 10 million electronic soldering points, electronic wiring harness 400,000. The company has a laboratory, environmental laboratory, the aging room, fitter room, three anti room for development, testing, the whole production of electronic products to provide customers comprehensive protection.
The company in recent years, “independent research and development” and “electronic manufacturing services,” two had made great progress, depending good quality and reputation, the business expanded rapidly, with hundreds of military, aerospace, civil and instrumentation, communication , university research institutions, foreign invested enterprises and other industry units and institutions to maintain long-term cooperation.
Coverage, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Guangdong and other places, won praise, and gradually formed a “son of bamboo” brand. We promise that will be good quality, advanced technology, a strong, reliable reputation, quality of service and establish a corporate image, build brand, allows customers to enjoy better services, end users enjoy “forward-looking technology, excellent quality , excellent performance and reasonable price “, will be our constant goal.

Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited

Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited (“Hua Hong Semiconductor” or “the Company”, stock code: 1347.HK) is a global, leading pure-play foundry with specialty process platforms uniquely focused on embedded non-volatile memory (“eNVM”), power discrete, analog & power management, and logic & RF. Of special note is the Company’s outstanding quality control system that satisfies the strict requirements of automotive chip manufacturing. The Company is part of the Huahong Group, an enterprise group whose main business is IC manufacturing, with advanced “8+12” production line technology.

Hua Hong Semiconductor presently operates three 200mm wafer fabrication facilities within the Huahong Group (HH Fab1, HH Fab2, and HH Fab3) in Jinqiao and Zhangjiang, Shanghai, with a total monthly 200mm wafer capacity of approximately 180,000 wafers. There is also a 300mm wafer fabrication facility (HH Fab7) with the planned monthly capacity of forty thousand 300mm wafers in Wuxi’s National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, supporting applications in emerging areas such as the Internet of Things. Formal incorporation of and start of operations at HH Fab7 were achieved in 2019. In the Chinese mainland, it has become a leading 300mm semiconductor production line devoted to specialty processes and is the first 300mm foundry in the world devoted to power discrete semiconductors.

Hua Hong Semiconductor offers a broad selection of customizable processes across the 1.0μm to 65/55nm technology nodes. Hua Hong Semiconductor is the foundry of choice for a variety of fast growing eNVM applications such as smart cards and MCUs because of its eNVM technology for its high security, reliability, cost effectiveness and technical sophistication. The Company also has strong capabilities and rich experience in mass production in power discrete technologies. The Company also has strong capabilities in power discrete technologies and a dedicated fab to manufacture discrete products.

Hua Hong Semiconductor is the trusted technology and manufacturing partner of its customers. The Company uses its own proprietary processes and techniques to manufacture semiconductors of the design specifications of its diverse customers, which include IDMs and systems and fabless companies. The Company also offers design enablement services facilitating the timely completion of complex designs that are optimized in terms of performance, cost and manufacturing yield on our processes. The semiconductors the Company manufactures are incorporated into a wide range of products in diverse markets, including consumer electronics, communications, computing, industrial and automotive.

Xi ‘an Huasun Measuring Equipment Co., Ltd

Production processes are becoming ever more complex. So it’s really important that the measurement technology used to control and monitor the processes is all the more understandable and intuitive. Smagall has set itself the goal of developing innovative measurement technology that is easy to install and operate and offers maximum safety and reliability. Since 2001, Smagall started to use our advanced technology — Non Contact to sove difficult measuring/controlling problems in the storage of oil and hazardous chemicals. Non contact measurement is being widely accepted because it has distinct advantages over conventional sensors at the aspect of safty, becasuse the measuring or controlling process does not require penetrating on tank wall which ensure the maximum safty in the storage of oil or hazardous chemicals. Smagall is always the expert in sensing. Besides liquid level measuring equipment, magnetic seires are our honored products. Years of our scientific research and applications has enabled our magnetic products with the features of high precision and resolution, wide frequency, low noise. Each featured product has been carefully designed to effectively solve a multitude of universal sensing challenges. Mission: Smagall is committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our products, services, and the quality management system. Innovators, Manufacturers and Distributors of Sensors

Unitron Corporate

The latest generation of integrated IPTV gateway products and First-line technology (OLT) integrated solutions offer higher integration, better signal processing performance, more efficient, flexible, resource-rich and cost-effective commercial applications than the main competitors. At present, the products and various supporting applications have been applied to hotels, guesthouses, hospitals and Internet broadcasting fields, and its technical indicators are in a leading position in the industry.
, as a professional manufacturer of domestic amplifier Unitron and force is adjusted according to the frequency of the radio and television and mobile signal supplier high new situation, such as combination of factors such as the diversity of the end user to choose, developed with GSM signal filtering preamplifier series, and the whole frequency and multiple frequency amplifier series, high gain, low noise, anti-interference ability, Deeply favored by the majority of consumers.

MIC Technology Group

MIC Technology Group is a high-tech enterprise in China. We specialize in the R&D, manufacture and marketing of optical transmission products, all kinds of RF amplifiers and head-end equipment. Our company has set up our own branches and sales agencies to offer our products and after-sales services throughout the country. Moreover, our company has expanded overseas markets, including Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Relying on rich experience, we are capable of providing tailor made products and services for each customer. We are making great efforts to strive for the highest quality, the best services and the greatest satisfaction for customers.
Established in 1988, MIC Technology Group has been specializing in the R&D, manufacturer, sales and technical service of optical transmission equipment in the CATV field for more than 20 years. Our Main product include RF ampllifiers, head-end equipment, optical transmitters and receivers. Covering the area of about 2,400 square meters, with more than 150 staffs member, equioped with 4 assembing lines, besides, we also have a strong team of including 20 R&D technicians, which give us strong capacity of providing tailor made products for different customers. Moreover, we have build local offices and agencies throughout the country to provide product with service. Now, our product has been exported to many countries in the world, such as Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Bulgaria, Russia etc. Believe us, we can make great efforts to provide the highest quality, the reasonable price, the fastest delivery with better service.